Upper Moutere and Districts.

Our time house sitting at Upper Moutere has drawn to a close. The owners returned on Saturday and we are making our way over to Golden Bay. The weather has got warmer. Last few nights we did not have to light the fire and there has been some real heat in the sun during the days. Almost time for shorts. We have mainly stayed close to home for the sit but have included ourselves in some local activities. The locals have been really friendly and we have attended a couple of excellent services at the local Lutheran Church,  indoor bowls, and joined  a group at the Mapua pub for  a meal and quiz night. Our group came second with only one point seperating us from the winners. Not that I was much use to the team. We also went on a search for the Australian Wood Ducks but nothing was found and have been over to Nelson and Moutueka for shopping.


The Lutheran Church we attended.


Judy and Barney enjoying the sun on the veranda.

A day trip over to Motueka and across to Motupiko on highway 6 which runs from Nelson to Murcheston was interesting. The road was very winding and picturesque,  and it was getting on to lunch time when we arrived in Tapawera. Had lunch and a visit to the museum and i shop for a look. They had the old Kiwi railway station on display. Kiwi was one of the stops on the now demolished rail line from Nelson to Glenhope. In 1955 a group of women, including Sonja Davies the future MP for Pencarrow, decided to protest the shut down and set out for the three hour journey at 4.30 in the morning to do so. I’m not sure where on the line they were heading to but Nelson to Glenhope is 83 km and on today’s roads takes just over one hour. When the workers arrived to do their work the women were sitting in the goods shed to be demolished, knitting and drinking tea. They refused to shift and later in the week sitting on the tracks to stop the jigger and train. And so the week went on. Prime Minister Sidney Holland called the women dangerous and sent some government officials to investigate, and the police to arrest them. The officials were offered tea after their long trip and the police warned the women that they would be arrested. They were resolute and the next morning the nine women were arrested. The court fined each woman 10 pounds. A collection was gathered which covered their fines.

Some of the sights seen round the district.


Mapua. Interesting yacht in the channel moored off the wharf.


Mapua. Net ready for the white bait.



Motueka. Flower bed on main street.


A close up of the tulip.


Motueka. Rhododendron with church in background.


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