Travelling and a Nasty Mosquito Bite

Monday the 17th June we left our comfortable home sit in Richmond and travelled up to St Arnaud in the Nelson Lakes District where we set up camp in the DOC Park and went on a sight seeing tour of the area. St Arnaud is on the shores of Lake Rotoiti so we   travelled up a hill to overlook the lake.


And then down through the town to the jetty.


These monster eels live under the jetty.

The next morning the temperature was -4. The second -4 we have experienced. The fresh water in our under floor tank was frozen so it was a late wash that morning. Cup of tea was also a problem until I read that we could fill up our kettle from the stream. The small lake there was also completely frozen over. I am always amazed that frozen water increases in size and forms on the top of ponds, seas etc. It would be a disaster if it followed the norm, shrunk and fell to the bottom. What a wonderful God we have.

We left St Arnauds with the heater on full bore in the car and headed to Blenheim where we set up at the racecourse which was of course where we started our South Island experience. Spent a couple of nights here. Did some shopping and a bit more of a look around. Spotted this mural in town.


Just a part of the mural featuring a Banded Rail and its chicks. Like all Rail Chicks they  are  black.

The next step was down to Kekerengu where we parked up for the night in the exact same spot we parked in last time. Right on the waters edge. The cost was the same also, zero.

Kaikoura was next. We stayed at the Donegal Pub again for two nights and one at the NZMCA Park. I heard that they will be opening a  new one soon as you drive into Kaikoura from the north.

From Kaikoura we travelled the Inland Road to Waiau. This road was the first wheeled traffic road to Kaikoura. Started in 1887 and finished five years later and It wasn’t until the year 2000 that it was fully sealed. It was also the first road to open to Kaikoura after the earthquake that isolated the town. In places the road has been fully remade over short sections. Well worth the trip when you are down this way.

We’ve now been in the NZMCA Park in Hanmer Springs for four nights. Monday we went over the Lewis Pass to Springs Junction and had a coffee. Then back to Hanmer to venture a short way up the road to Jacks Pass and the Molesworth Station. Went into the Information Centre and picked up a brochure on the Station. The same brochure can be downloaded from DOC. The gates open onto the Acheron Road at Labour Weekend and the Rainbow Station the 27th December. We’ll have to find a tempory home for the caravan and give it a crack.


Looking up the Lewis Pass and the Waiau River.


At the top of Lewis Pass.

Wednesday and today its been off to the hot pools for some serious soaks. The mornings and nights have been cold. -5 yesterday and -6 this Thursday morning. Where the sun hasn’t reached ice still lies on the ground all day. Temperatures creep up to 8 degrees during the day and at 5 pm today it was -1. Brilliant sunny weather though to charge up our battery.

Tomorrow we push on probably only to Culverton. Plan on being in West Eyrton on Sunday for three weeks of homesitting on Monday.

Oh yes, the mosquito. Nearly forgot. A warning dear reader. If you are of a sensitive nature please stop reading immediatly!!

Where we are parked there is no loo and to save our onboard black water tank I went off to use the loo across the road in the freedom parking area. While sitting there with my pants down  round my ankles a mosquito the size of a sparrow bit me on my arse. I chased that beast all over  the loo and finally cornering it shortened its life somewhat. Managed to dipense with two more but I’m afraid at least one eluded my attempts and escaped to who knows where. So if you should be tempted to use this particular loo then take some over strength insect repellant and coat your nether regions liberally. Good luck to you. C

One thought on “Travelling and a Nasty Mosquito Bite

  1. Oooh a bitten bum. Nasty!! It’s gorgeous country up in those parts though isn’t it? I bet your caravan is freezing on those cold nights. Brrr! You’ll be glad of a warmer set up at your new house sitting destination!
    Love to you both.

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