Art in Nelson

While in Reefton we talked with the lady at the Art Gallery. She had moved from Nelson along with several other artists, and so we thought it might be good to see what sort of legacy, artists may have left in Nelson. The following is a sample.


Dance to the Music of Time by Terry Stringer. This sculpture is three sided. A man stretches after a day of wine making, a woman bends with the weight of a kete (flax basket) full of fish, and this side, a woman picks fruit from among leaves.


Up the Creek Without a Paddle by Fiona Sutherland. We spotted this one in Stoke between Nelson and Richmond where we are house sitting.


Able Tasman by Anthony Stones. Able Tasman is the first recorded European to visit New Zealand and make  contact with the Maori who were here beforehand.


Mouth of the Maitai River 1915 by Rick Edmonds. The Maitai is the river that flows through Nelson.


Reef Knot by Grant Palliser. Simple but very effective.


Lady in Garden with Takahi. Sculptor unknown.


Pohutukawa by C J Findlayson. This 3 dimensional mural is painted onto a flat wall. It’s so realistically a window, that it took me quite a while to sort it  out.

Our home sit here finishes tomorrow and we will be heading off on Monday to our next home sit just out of Oxford, up from Christchurch. We have to be there by the end of June. We love Nelson and surrounds though the city is growing rapidly and we were involved in a traffic jam for a short time. It has some interesting walks and the Marlborough Sounds and Golden Bay are not far away

This home sit has been great. A lovely comfortable home, a very large cat named Rusty to look after and wild birds to feed. Rusty has been super friendly, and very well behaved.


Rusty and myself. He is normally on Judy but I did get him for a short while.


Bird Feeder. We have been feeding sugar syrup and have had tuis, bellbirds, wax eyes, and sparrows. There’s a sparrow up there now.


2 thoughts on “Art in Nelson

  1. Looks like you’re having a great time in the south Cliff. Love Nelson and surrounds. Know it well as Julie is a Marlborough girl and did her nursing in Nelson. Hence many visits.
    The glass blowing on the way out to Moutere is always worth a visit if you haven’t yet been. Nice cafe handy also. Hi to Judy.
    Mike and Julie. 😎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mike and Julie, Tomorrow we are heading to Blenheim via Lake Rotoiti. In September we have another house sit in Lower Moutere so have not been that way much yet. Will definitely check out the glass place. C


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