Lake Matheson Walk

Thursday night we spent at the Fox Glacier8 Top 10 Caravan Park. Time to get our washing done and to plug into the power and fully charge our house battery. With the lack of sun over the past few days it had got to record low levels. We have never had this problem before and have never restricted our electrical consumption.


Top 10 Camp.

In the morning we visited Lake Matheson just down the road from the camp and set off walking around it. Takes just over an hour to complete the circuit. Lovely walk with a couple of slight ups and downs, the track very well formed. The ferns are both numerous and varied. Really is a magnificent sight. I’m afraid to say that I don’t know the names of any of them. Looking them up in a book later I discover that in NZ, there are well over 100 types of fern, probably closer to 200. Forest floor, climbing, tree ferns etc. Maybe I’ll just try to learn the 8 different variety of tree fern. I don’t have to know their names to appreciate their beauty.


Lake Matheson with mountains behind and reflected in the lake.


A tree fern and other plants.


What are all these?


Prince of Wales Feathers. It had a sign.

From the lake we got really good views of snow clad Mt Tasman and Mt Cook our highest. We took advantage of the view as we sat sipping a coffee and enjoying a nut brittle. I must try to make these when I get home. They were delicious.


Mt Tasman to the left. Mt Cook to the right.


Some dairy heifers grazing just out from the cafe. The two birds are Paradise Ducks. The female is the one with the white head. The heifers were a great attraction for a young Chinese girl whose family were also enjoying morning tea at the table beside us.

Later we drove up to Franz Joseph and stayed Friday  night in the NZMCA Camp. As we drove into the village, work was continuing on the bridge over the Waiho River that was swept away in the recent flood. A great job they have done. Bit of a drive round to explore the town in the rain that had returned and then off this morning to Okarito where we are tonight in the community run camping ground. The sea on one side and  the famous lagoon on the other. Of course the lagoon is the only place in NZ where the white heron nest.


Work continuing around the bridge.

3 thoughts on “Lake Matheson Walk

  1. Grest pics of the ferns enjoying your coverage reminding me of places we have been and where we hope to go in the future.
    Keep enjoying our beautiful South Island, maybe that should read MY beautiful South Island.

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