A & P Show, Forests & Movies

Time is drawing near to the end of our home sit. 2nd of May is our last day. We have enjoyed it here. Loved all the animals, time to get a few things done on the caravan and to have a good explore.

We had a walk through Talbot Forest and Peel Forest, went to the movies to see ‘Red Joan’ and a trip over to the Agriculture and Pastoral show at Fairlie. Was loaned a bat detector from one of the locals and Judy went up into the forest behind the house and was able to hear the long tailed bats as they flew around. Got to meet a  few locals and visited I think every coffee lounge in Geraldine. It has been both a  busy and relaxing month from our tripping around.


Pony recieving an apple and a pet. Misty has had her one.


Browny and spotty with some hay.



A walk in the Peel Forest. 15 minutes and every step up. Could have continued but almost knackered. After 10 minute rest returned to start. Every step down.


The ferns were amazing. Pity I don’t know the names of any of them.


Movie night in down town Geraldine. We picked the lounge chairs at the front. Don’t worry, there were more people seated when the movie started.


A & P Show. Horse jumping.


Cow  boy and girl activities. Barrel rolling, towing a flapping cover, backing horses and several other activities to test horse and riders. I found it very interesting. There was also a dog barking contest on demand that ended with a combined effort when all the dogs barked together.


And of course farm machinery.

While here we have been getting all these posts onto our computer so that when we  get home we can print it all off and read it in years to come. A reminder of our adventure.

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