Home Sitting

We started a month long home sit at the end of March. It is a small farm with a variety of animals.


One cat, Jimmy by name. Loves company. Had to shut bedroom door at night to keep him out. Came purring in our ears and kneeding the blankets when we were asleep.


Taking the 4 dogs for a walk in the forest  at the end of our road.


Eleven sheep.


Spotty and Browny. (Our names)


Pony and Misty.


And 38 head of stock..


View out front from the veranda.


A photo out the back of the farm showing some of the extensive bush lined hills.


The bird life is fantastic. Lots of bird song all day long especially Bellbirds. This photo shows an all black Fantail. Another first for me. Apparently the black morph were more common several years ago. Also present in the bush are Long Tailed Bats. Judy went up with Tim from DOC to band a couple of Matai Trees where the bats are thought to roost. The aluminium bands prevent predators from climbing the trees. Judy and I took a trek up the valley as it was getting on to dusk to hopefully see some bats. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful.


We have taken this period where we are not using the caravan to do some alterations and service. We got a WOF and had the brakes serviced. I put a switch in the radio circuit so that the radio could be put fully to sleep. No lights at night. And we had another cover made to go over our sleeping fold out. Should make it darker at night, give extra protection from the weather and maybe provide further insulation.


We have had a bit of an explore. Here is me in the Geraldine Museum studying the Barker Display. Their products are made just down the road from us.


A cafe in Geraldine that took our fancy.


There’s our sheep rustler with his dog Friday at Fairlie.

Also in Fairlie is an excellent bakery; Fairlie Bakehouse. Great pies. A must place to visit.


We have had some really good warm weather while we have been here but one night it rained and in the morning there was a dusting of snow on the mountains.

2 thoughts on “Home Sitting

  1. What a lovely place to rest up for awhile. Judy it looks as if cuddling pussy takes over from reading! Have fun. We miss you both up here.

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