Peace then Chaos

The last two days we have been in Glenorchy at the top of Lake Wakatipu. Yesterday we decided to walk the first leg on the Routeburn Track. A cloudy day and off we went. I love walking through the beech forest listening to the bird song, mainly bell bird and kea, smelling the forest scent and feeling really peaceful. It took us over two hours to get to the the first hut. Then under two hours to get back. Feeling tired with some sore muscles and at peace we arrive at our caravan about 4pm to the really upsetting news of the shootings in Christchurch. It got me reflecting on anger, an emotion which is normal, it protects us from hurts. It is there till we are able to process our hurt and then let go which involves forgiveness (not an easy process). People process their hurt and anger in different ways. Some push it inside and it sits there festering then it comes out in not so healthy ways. Some act out verbally, sexually and or physically it gives people a sense of power and a reason to feel justified with what they do. With these people who shot the people in Christchurch it became extreme hatred. This then perpetuates more hurt and anger and so it goes on. Those people of course need to have consequences for their behavior that is what the law is for. The best way to react and not fuel their hatred is to carry on as normal. Help and support and love those who have been affected. So they can have the courage to not live in fear and can heal. I have much admiration for the Imam who wants New Zealand to stay the same and not react in anger. Let’s us band together not in anger against the perpetrators but together in ‘love’ for all our fellows. I love the people who are going around giving people hugs, it helps us connect and feel we are not on our own.

6 thoughts on “Peace then Chaos

  1. Yes indeed, to your words, Judy. Love and courage are the best responses to hate. So glad you had the glorious walk up to the Flats Hut first. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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  2. Thanks for your thoughts on such a tragic Friday. We have no option but to carry on and support these bereaved families as best we can. Glad you were able to walk some of the Routeburn as I never got the chance to do that track. I believe it is very beautiful. We will remember you at church this morning.

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