The Kingston Flyer

We spent a very peaceful night at Fairlight surrounded by magnificent mountains. It was the southern most turning point of the steam engine, the Kingston Flyer, when it was in operation last.


Today, Wednesday 13th March, it was a short trip to Wakatipu Lake and Kingston township.


The southern end of Lake Wakatipu. Queenstown is somewhere up there out of sight, about half way along the lake.

We called into Kingston on the southern shore and at the far end the Kingston Flyer was nestled under the shadow of the mountain to the west, looking very forlorn. It has been mothballed since 2013.


Fortunately the train has been leased from the existing owners and the plans are to have it running again by December this year. Resource consent etc. is currently being obtained. A boat is envisioned running from Queenstown, connecting with the train which will run down to Fairlight and return. I don’t envy them the task.  There is a lot of work to be done, not only on the engine, but also the carriages and track.

The Kingston Cafe and Bar has also been leased and is scheduled to be open for business by December also.


See the height above sea level of 1028 feet. It was a gentle rise from Invercargill yesterday.


Tonight we will be staying in a freedom camping site on the banks of the lake.


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