Monday the 11th of March. Our extended stay has almost finished in Invercargill. Today, its up the centre of the South Island. First stop Lumsden.

We have been busy the last few weeks. First was sorting out our broken tow vehicle. Hence the change to Holden. Then we had a good look around with trips to Bluff, Te Anau and Lake Manapouri. Saturday it was a visit to fellow South Auckland Caravan Club friends Kay and Ian, who are down here visiting and helping their son and family. And Sunday, Jimmy and our good friend Bev were married. It was so good to see them so happy and so very much in love.




The cake.


The bottom layer of cake. Both Jimmy and Bev are great musicians. This side has a little drum set with their initials on it. The BJ’s. Jimmy is the drummer.


This side has a saxaphone. Jimmy’s instrument. And a flute and piano, Bev’s instruments.

While here, we first stayed in our caravan at the Top Ten Camping Ground, then at Bev’s place and yesterday moved to The Lignite Cafe & Secret Garden (9420). A great place, quiet, a large garden area, and a coffee lounge. The property was once an open cast coal mine and now has a large pond and surrounding garden area. The pond has a large number of ducks, mainly mallards but also a few grey teals and some skaups.


Entry to The Lignite Cafe & Secret Garden.


A view out from the cafe over the Secret Garden.

Lignite is the lowest quality of coal. Coal is formed when plants are buried and are subjected to heat and pressure. For each 32 metres of depth temperatures rise by 1 degree celcius. Lignite is found closest to the surface. Sub-Bituminous deeper and the highest quality, Bituminous, deepest at around 5 km. Lignite is found in Southland and Otago. Sub-Bituminous in Waikato and Taranaki and Bituminous in Westland.

Amazing what we have learnt while we have been away exploring the country side. Looking forward to today as the adventure continues.

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