A New Gearbox

It’s now just over a week since the wheels fell off. Well not really, we just couldn’t power them up.

Saturday night (23rd Feb) was spent in the NZMCA Park at Lumsden. Had a call from Gary to remind me that the Amateur Radio Jock White Field Days were on and to get my antennas up and contact some people. Left most of my radios ect at home so couldn’t participate. There is only so much I can pack into our vehicles so had left all my HF stuff behind.

Sunday morning 24th Feb packed up after breakfast and set off to Te Anau and Manapouri. Nice drive through farmland at between 80 and 90 km per hour. By the time we got to Mossburn it was time for a comfort stop so pulled over and there was a sign for a loo up the road about 100 metres. We pulled off and the car did some bunny hops which wasn’t a good thing. Pulled in by the loo and gave the AA a call. He came and wasn’t quite sure but thought it was probably the CVT (Continuously Variable Trransmission). A truck was sent out from Invercargill, the X Trail loaded on and the caravan hitched to the back and we all went off to Invercargill where we were left in the Top Ten Camp with our caravan and the car went off to the transmission specialist.

Monday we were told the sad news. Our CVT was history and we were looking at 5 to 6 grand to get it fixed. Lets get another vehicle we suggested to each other so the rest of Monday and Tuesday was spent traipsing round the car yards and test driving several likely candidates.

By Wednesday we had decided, and it was time for some negotiating. I must be losing my touch because I couldn’t get much movement, but in the end we came to an agreement, and we now have a new tow vehicle and the dealer has a broken X Trail.



Its a Holden Colorado 7 SUV. 2.8 litre diesel with 3 tonne towing capacity. Should be able to pull our little caravan OK.



And here it is with the top box fitted.

The adventure continues.

Both Judy and I are with AA Plus. It entitled us to a tow to a service centre for our car, accomadation for three days and a rental car for three days. Took all the worry out of that part of the problem. They arranged the lot.

We’ve a wedding to attend next Sunday in Invercargill and then back on the road again. Have to be in Geraldine at the end of March. Have a month house sitting. Really looking forward to it. Dogs, horses, and stock to look after, as well as the home. This week we might venture up to Te Anau, Manapouri, for the day, leaving the caravan at our friends place. No rush.

4 thoughts on “A New Gearbox

  1. Your new vehicle looks very grand, and certainly should manage the caravan and the terrain no trouble. Bad luck though. Thank goodness for AA Plus! Warm days here today and tomorrow. Hope you have the same. Love to you both. Eleanor

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  2. Wow! A man with great taste. A Holden! Seriously, sorry about the X-Trail, but we all must move on – problem is it all costs, eh?
    Great trip – loving the posts.

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    1. Our first holden. Very happy with it. Took a chunk of money out of our bank, but it’s only money. We are well, enjoying our trip, and looking forward to it continuing.


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