Cheese Rolls

Yes, we had our first cheese rolls of this trip. We are really in Southern Man Country now. Been off line at Taieri River Mouth the past few days but we left there this morning, climbing back over the hill to Waihola Lake, on to Milton and inland to Lawrence.

But first a few photosi


I include this one taken at Waikouaiti before we got to Dunedin. It is remarkable in that it was my first and so far my last selfie. The wind was a little strong that day hence Judy’s hair being a bit blown round and mine entirely missing.


A view of Dunedin from the top of Signal Hill.


A walk up the Ross Creek from our NZMCA Park in Dunedin.


An unusual concrete structure encountered on our walk. It has a steel rail both sides of it covered in plants. The Lieth Valley and Ross Creek was an early water supply for Dunedin so we assume it has something to do with that, though there was a quarry there as well.


Finally we arrived at this dam and found that we were lost. Followed our path back and managed to get.back to the caravan. The dam has been lately upgraded and the water is held in reserve.


The next day we went for a walk down the creek and found these fish steps that allow fish to migrate up the river.

We left Dunedin on the Sunday 17 to go to Mosgeiel where we stopped at the Taieri Rugby Club. An enormous sealed parking area with just us and another van there. A walk up town and there was a mural of the largest tanewha in New Zealand. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately Matamata has now deceased and his body makes up the seaward hills.


Matamata streaches along the wall.


Tail on the loo.


And the full story of Matamata.

Monday was a short drive down from Mosgiel to Waihola Lake where we stayed in the camping ground. Washing machine $2-00 and free showers. The luxury of it all for $30-00. That’s usually 5 or 6 nights cost for us but oh the long hot shower.



Sunset across Waihola Lake.

Tuesday was a trip over the hills to Taieri River Mouth. This is a place you must visit if you’re down here in your caravan. Keith is a great host and Charlie the dog very friendly if not that loyal. I’m afraid he abandoned us for another van.


A view down the river from the bridge towards where we were staying and out to sea.


Charlie the friendly dog at home in our caravan when we were just the bees knees.


This friendly bird was also on the beach. Had a tag on its leg and was obviously used to human interaction. I got super excited because I thought it was a skua, but the colour of its legs and feet gave me some doubt. I sent several pictures of it to a friend of mine and he identified it as a 1st year black backed gull. Oh well, the disappointment, but I may yet see a skua at some time if I keep my eyes skinned.

We stayed at Taieri Mouth two days and would have stayed longer but the larder needed replenishing so onwards to Lawrence.

5 thoughts on “Cheese Rolls

  1. I love the pictures of Matamata! It was so lovely to see you both and to have some time together. Bon voyage for the rest of the trip!

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    1. Thanks Eleanor. It was good to catch up with you, Mike and Claire also. Never know we may yet end up in Dunedin before we go home. Got another 10 months.


  2. Hi Roving Reynolds. Enjoying your posts and you are both looking fit and well in the selfie.
    We found the best cheese rolls in the south at St Bathans Hotel..just saying.
    Sorry to hear of your car woes , despite current vehicles Bill is a Holden man at heart.
    Best regards Teena Bray

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