A couple of nights at Oamaru, one at a camp site in Waikouaiti and today in rainy Dunedin. Our first day of sustained rain since we left home 7 weeks ago. We are staying at the NZMCA Park, a small sealed area with an optimisticly stated 40 van sites. I think 30 is more realistic. It is rapidly filling up as I write. Time is 1600 hrs.

A few photos of some of what we’ve been up to.


A couple of Dept of Conservation guys catching bugs etc in the Kakanui River. Checking on the health of our rivers. We went out to Weston where Judy used to live and bus into the Waitaki Girls High School in Oamaru. Judy and family used to swim and picnic at the Kakanui River. From the river we went to Five Forks and a bit further on found an hotel/cafe where we had a milk shake  and then wended our way back to our little caravan. In the evening we set out to see the yellow eyed penguins. Spent an hour and a half with binoculars scanning the beach before Judy spotted one frolicking in the surf just off the shore. It came out and waddled up the beach before doing a little preening and disappearing into the bush.


After the success of seeing the yellow eyed we headed round to the water front to catch a little blue penguin wandering over the road to its nest. No little blues but all these spotted shags roosting on the deserted wharf.



Judy soaking up the sun and looking out over the Waikouaiti Beach.


View north.


View south.

We also did an explore of the Hawksbury Lagoon at Waikouaiti. It is a 64 hectare shallow wildlife reserve that holds up to 2000 waterbirds. Fifteen different varieties are comonly seen. There  are well maintained causeways that cross the pools and the birdlife is easily seen. Native flora has been planted along the paths and edges.

Today with the rain it was a catchup day in Dunedin doing chores like renewing the car registration, grocery shopping, fixing a very annoying squeak on the loo door and some reading.

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