Blow Wind Blow

We have had a fair amount of wind along the way. The Wairarapa was quite windy with Castle Point being the strongest. Then the day in Wellington was a humdinger. Very difficult to walk against. After Kaikoura we travelled down to the Parnasus NZMCA Camp. Wind strength in the morning was zero and as the day progressed it increased so by about 1700 it was roaring through the hedge that sheltered us. We heard on the news about the tree that came down on the family and was glad we were out in the open. One van that was under the trees came out and joined us after the news at 6. We stayed at Parnasus two nights and then moved down to the Hurinui River Mouth. Day started off much the same and it was extremely hot. Small flies abounded and we sat inside with windows wide open and fly screens up. The heat was unbearable so eventually we had to move outside covered in insect repellent. The flies loved it and annoyed the hell out of us. I had one that was intent on climbing into my ear. I was quite cross!! As the afternoon progressed the wind started to come up which blew the flies away and they were replaced by swirls of gritty dust. Back inside to cook dinner and watch the news. About 7pm a huge gust came and shook the caravan, the tops of the willow trees were torn off and the caravan was struck with leaves, twigs and larger branches that had been ripped off. I looked out the window at the family who were holidaying with their tent. He was lying on top of his inflatable kayak, the tent was thrashing about and the children were holding on to it and their possessions were flying about in random disarray. I shot up the hill to them as did about 6 people in the campervan beside them. I was not needed so rushed down to put our bed up worried that one of the willow sticks, some about 25mm thick, thst were airborne might damage the cover. It was then I noticed that where I had previously planned to park was now occupied with a fallen tree. It only just missed a car that was parked there. The two young tourists were unharmed and were taking some pictures to send home to loved ones. Just to make it a litle worse it started to rain. The family decided to pack everything away and eventually got it all under control, kids and mother into their car and off. The strong gusts continued for about an hour and by morning wind had again dropped to near zero. Branches and debris covered track and camping area. I would not recommend the park mainly because of the flies and with a caravan turning space is very tight. Also the toilet area was not very clean although it did get a top up of paper and a bowl scrub late afternoon. 20190124_061714.jpg

The morning after. All quiet and serene


The wayward tree. It looked far bigger in the wood. That top branch was beyond my reach. Glad we were not under it.


These wood pigeons were not blown away during the night. Here they are feeding on plums that have dropped to the ground. We have had our fill of plums for a while.


Some exploring while were at Parnasus. These cliffs are known as the cathedral above Gore Beach


I found a ford where Judy can clean the car.

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