Friday morning we left Kekerengu and headed off to Kaikoura. Time to fill up with fresh water and empty our tanks. The trip down was uneventful with a few stops as we approached Kaikoura where road works were continuing as they repaired the earthquake damage. There were seals basking on the rocks just out from the road. The Kaikoura earthquake was in Nov 2016 near midnight. Housing issues are still a problem.



Some of the extensive work needed.

After emptying our tanks and filling up with fuel it was time to find somewhere to stay. The NZMCA just south of Kaikora seemed like a good idea so we headed over there. It’s not a big place and it was full. There were also vans parked along the beach frontage as well and the council freedom parking area jam packed as well. We saw on TV the plight of the little Banded Dotterel along this strip of beach and I can fully understand peoples concern. The bird numbers have decreased by 60% and despite notices asking people to stick to walkways etc it’s obvious some visitors have been wslking where ever they like. The dotterels nest in the sand and pebbles. Their nests, eggs, chicks, and the birds themselves blend into their environment. I can see that if things don’t improve then this site should be closed down.

Moving on we decided to check out Donegal House, 7142 in the NZMCA Directory. It,s about 7km out from Kaikoura towards the mountains. Its well set up with space for heaps of caravans etc and also has loos and showers and coffee, alcohol, food etc. Also free for non powered sites and with free Wi-Fi. Just the place for us. We headed off for a decent shower. $4.00 for 4 minutes. I stood under that shower determined to get my $4.00 worth but in the end turned it off. Longest shower I’ve ever had. Judy and I can share the next one. When I joined the navy we had the petty officer stand there with a watch. 30 seconds and you were out. Guess the habit has stuck.


Donegal House parking. Empty at 1500 but will soon fill up as day progresses.

All that talk of coffee and we’re off to have a cup. Catch you later and I’ll talk about our activities here especially our boat trip.

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