Dannevirke to Wellington

We spent two nights with my niece her husband and three delightful teenage children at Dannevirke. During the day we took a trip up to Takapau where Judy’s parents lived for a few years and found their old place. Had a talk with the new owner. We also called into the Norsewood and into the Norsewear shop. Came out with some lovely gear and a much lightened wallet.

Leaving Dannevirke we headed towards the Manawatu Gorge which I think is now permanently closed and so we went over the Saddle Road and through the wind farm.


There are dozens of these huge incredible structures standing proudly in the wind their blades slowly rotating like something out of H G Wells book The war of the Worlds. I could just see Don Quixote galloping over the hills on his trusted steed, lance at the ready.


Through Palmerston North we stopped at a layby just north of Otaki for lunch. Then on to Plimmerton where we stopped in the NZMCA Park.

On the Thursday after 0900 hrs it was a train trip into Wellington to the Te Rapa Museum. The war section is definitely a must see. The following pictures are of representations of actual events and real people in the Gallipoli campaign. I’m sorry I didn’t write down the names of the people represented.


This chap was wounded in the arm and had to use his pistol in his left hand.


The detail was incredible even down to the flies. Only thing missing was the stench of rotting bodies lying out in no man’s land.


This poor guy was sentenced to death for sleeping at his post. Taking into consideration his past courage and that he was recovering from a bout of disentry the sentence was revoked.


This last is of the doctor with another dead soldier. To get an idea of the size of these larger than life representations Judy is standing beside the doctor.

I came away from the whole display quite moved by the horror and deprivation of war. Turkey is now a country to visit on holiday, as is Germany, Japan, Ķorea, Vietnam etc. The futility of it all.

Also in another part of the museum I nearly fell over backward when I saw this. Remember a similar sculpture from our previous blog on New Plymouth.


I fail to see the link but it has something to do with Maui. Maybe you dear reader can enlighten me.


And the one seen on our trip down to NP.


Judy in the Wellington wind. Hard to walk into and we saw a lady nearly blown over. She was clinging to a lamp post. Judy had to go see if she was OK. Come Friday and our trip to the South Island the wind dropped during the night and it was a calm crossing. We are now in Blenheim, No wind and also no sun. Judy has got the washing done though and its outside drying.

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