Castlepoint Lighthouse


We left the caravan at Riversdale and drove up to Castlepoint. The wind was ferocious whipping the sea up and blowing the sand around our legs and occasionally into our faces as we went across the sandy beach to the walkway to the lighthouse. The wind was so strong that I put my glasses into my pocket and small children were screaming with fright as they climbed the path. The wind was the cause of the fright. Not because I had taken my glasses off. Even some adults found the climb scary.


Me holding on tight with a grimace on my face. Castle Point is the rocky outcrop to the right of my head.

On the way back we stopped at Tinui. what a little gem. It was the first place in New Zealand to have an ANZAC Service on the 25th of April 1916 in the Church of the Good Shepherd.


Church of the Good Shepherd and below the old police staton and lockup.


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