An Outline of planned trip

We leave on the 27th of December 2018 in our caravan, joining the South Auckland Caravan Club as they tour round the Wairarapa, leaving them on the 5th of January. We will then travel around the bottom of the North Island before crossing the Cook Strait on the 11th of January. Our time in the South Island will be shared between staying in our caravan and homesitting. We expect to be away from home about a year. Apart from the time spent with the Caravan Club and the ferry, our itinery is not planned.

2 thoughts on “An Outline of planned trip

    1. Hi Judy and Cliff. Blogging is new for us. We’d love to kp in touch with you throughout your OE and hoping this is what we do!! All the very best for a happy safe and exciting time away. Keith and Glenys. Xx


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